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Ski boots - as individual as you

Everyone who has ever had the experience with a pinching ski boot knows what torture this is. If your ski boots are really uncomfortable, it doesn't matter if the rest of your equipment is perfect for you, you still aren't going to enjoy your day anything like you could do. Ski boots are designed to transfer your movements into your skis, while supporting and protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Basically there are 3 types of ski boots:

COMFORT BOOTS: Novice boots are typically soft flexing, comfortable and warm. They're best for skiers with basic skills who want to improve their technique. They have extra features like additional buckles for easy taking off the boots.

SPORTY MIDDLE CLASS: Intermediate boots deliver increased responsiveness to improve carving skills and handle higher speeds.

SKI RACE BOOTS: Advanced boots are the most responsive boots you can buy. They offer precision control for the most aggressive skiers.

Optimum fit:

The majority of boots come with some amount of heat-moldable material in the liners. We ensure that you will find the perfect boot that fits well.

We have the following brands:



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